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A squash & a squeeze.jpg It was a relief
Thoroughly enjoyed this mammoth one and

Vintage style portraits with wreaths.

A4 - on deckled edge watercolour paper- from £60

A5 - from £40
























I love drawing family portraits.  These quirky artworks are produced from photographs of your family or friends.  Add as many people as you like and even pets.  


      Family Portraits        


A4   ........ £7 per person/pet

Add accessories (toys, gadgets etc) - £5 per 3-4 objects

 Larger sizes available on request.

Prints available.

Photograph Illustrations


A4...........from ..£60



To order,simply email photographs to

Gift vouchers also available.






Favourite photograph?


Create a different piece of artwork and have it illustrated. Perhaps you would like to build your own and create an illustration from lots of different photographs.


Maybe the first house you bought has sentimental feelings attached to it?


Just let me know what you are looking for and we can work together to create a unique piece of art of you and your loved ones.

It's always nice to be asked to illustra
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